All Saints, Great Addington, Fabric Appeal

Our Parish church urgently needs £30,000 to repair the South Aisle Roof

We need your help

The Parochial Church Council (PCC) is currently facing three issues for which we need financial assistance.

1. The fabric requires urgent attention to prevent water ingress through the South Aisle roof.

2. To halt rapidly accelerating decay of the fourteenth century tower.

3. The provision of disabled access, toilets and kitchen facilities would allow the church to play a fuller role in the life of the community.

This appeal concerns the first of these issues. The need to secure the long term integrity of the church fabric against water ingress. Once that objective is achieved we would hope to move on to consider restoration of the tower and reordering the facilities. For more detail on the South Aisle roof. CLICK HERE.

Progress so far

The Northamptonshire Historic Churches Trust have allocated £5,000 towards our project costs.

We have received donations from the public totalling £1,000.

How can YOU help?

Please make a one off donation, or sign up to regular donations on our "Give a Little" page.

The Give A Little donation app has been developed in collaboration with Parish Buying, a service provided by the Church of England to ensure that churches get best value from supplietrs of goods and services.

For over 800 years the church of All Saints has stood proudly at the centre of the Northamptonshire village of Great Addington.

The fabric of the church suffers from both erosion and corrosion. The lack of modern foundations means the building is subject to local earth movements. The effect of these gradual, but continuous changes can be overlooked for long periods, but eventually need to be addressed so that the building will continue to stand as a landmark at the centre of the community.

The Quinquennial Inspection Report dated 24th March 2017, prepared by Acanthus Clews, Architects, Banbury. Reports that ".. the lead sheeting on the South Aisle roof is in poor repair. Multiple patch repairs have been carried out to the sheets as well as lead burns/welds to rolls. Many of these repairs are failing with further splits, including those carried out since the last QI. Multiple splits are also evident to the flashings; the associated pointing is loose and open in areas. As part of any roof recovering project, the gutter linings should be inspected, any decayed timber renewed and sumps enlarged."

How much ?

We estimate that the cost of recovering the South Aisle roof with lead sheeting will be

£23,900 for labour and materials.

£ 2,868 for architects fees

£ 3,232 contingency for unseen issues (10%)

£30,000 total


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